New Chicago Manual of Style to Appear Soon

It's an exciting time in the publishing world. The Chicago Manual of Style, one of the three or four major style guides in use today, will soon appear in a new edition.

The edition, which will be its seventeenth, will be the first new edition since 2010. At that time, scholars were just beginning to cite online sources, a practice that has only grown in the seven years since. The new edition, I expect, will provide surer guidance on citing and documenting such sources. Just to take one example: magazines often appear in print as well as online, and in many cases columns, articles, and other features appear in the online version that do not appear in the print version. Should those items be cited any differently from items that appear only in the print version? Should citations of those items appear with the accompanying URL? If so, should the URL come with an access date?

Some forward-thinking changes related to the online world have already been leaked. It will now be email instead of e-mail, and internet instead of Internet

An interesting anecdote from a former colleague: When the current edition, the sixteenth, was being prepared, the lead editor, in revising it, retyped the entire manuscript from scratch.