Paul Dudenhefer

Paul Dudenhefer

"Whatever the target, Paul Dudenhefer’s aim is true. He brings the same masterful craftsmanship, intense curiosity, and respect for his topic to all his works, high-profile and less visible alike. Give him a bit of space and a handful of words and he will bring his subject to life. In Paul’s hands, even the normally staid profile piece becomes vivid and absorbing. An exceptional writer." --Eddie Nik-Khah, Roanoke College


Most of my recent professional writing has been for a Duke University website: between 2010 and 2016, I wrote a series of approximately 30 profiles of visiting scholars for the Center for the History of Political Economy at Duke. Recent examples are the following:

Romain Plassard

Herrade Igersheim

Maria Pia Paganelli

Reinhard Schumacher

I also wrote feature stories for a Duke magazine, Gist from the Mill. The most recent stories were "Gaining Access to Confidential Data," which was about a Census data center at Duke and appeared in the spring 2013 issue; and "A Fresh Look at 1970s Feminism," which profiled the work of two postdoctoral fellows at Duke and appeared in the spring 2012 issue. Both issues can be found on the Gist website.

You can find other samples of my writing in several places. My blog on this website deals with a range of writing-related issues. I have a portfolio of samples at I have written two guides to writing in economics. The first, A Guide to Writing in Economics, I wrote when I was the writing tutor for the economics department at Duke. The Guide was used by faculty in their undergraduate classes. Then, when I was the assistant director of a PhD writing program for the economics department in 2016–17, I wrote Writing the Field Paper and Job Market Paper, which guides PhD students through the writing of their two most important projects as graduate students. I also have a collection of book reviews and other items at Keyword:Memphis. I'd be happy to draft a short document at your request as a professional courtesy, to show you how I can meet your needs. I may be the writer you're looking for.